Youth Infusion is an organization created and run by young people which works to support youth as decision-makers, advocates, and community change-agents. We do this by helping the organizations and institutions that make decisions for youth start making decisions with youth. We know this is hard work. That is why we focus on the 'how-to' of youth-adult partnerships. We build collaborative structures, develop transparent processes, and promote inclusive cultures in both non-profit organizations and government agencies. Together, we will envision, plan, build, and secure communities in which we can all actively grow and thrive.


<how Y.I can help:>

Youth Infusion can meet your organization's conference, workshop, and training needs. We offer customized presentations, keynote addresses, and training curriculums to help both your organization and community build strong youth-adult partnerships. Fill out an Event Registration Form to book Youth Infusion today!

Youth Infusion specializes in long-term organizational change. We can help your organization assess its readiness to engage young people and help design & implement youth-adult engagement models. Fill out a Self-Assessment Form today!

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Youth Infusion's menu of services:

<Capacity Building>   <Policy Development>   <Evaluation
Youth Infusion will help your organization figure out how best to engage youth. We design youth-adult partnership models, work with managers to develop the structures and processes to support youth, train staff in effective youth participation practices, set-up youth recruitment procedures, skill-up young people, and provide troubleshooting advice.   Good policies clarify words and expectations, and create replicable standards of practice. Youth Infusion can help your organization write youth participation policies so that managers, staff, contractors, and grantees share a common understanding of young people's role.   You believe youth-adult engagement is a good thing, but do you know it? Let Youth Infusion design and implement an evaluation of your youth-adult engagement efforts so you can have the evidence you need to plan, strategize, revise, and advocate.

Youth Infusion's continuum of change:

Youth are viewed as the target audience
Youth are viewed as an intermittent resource—the focus group
Youth are viewed as a volunteer source
Youth are viewed as
decision-makers, equal partners, and agents of social change
Adults are viewed as authoritarians—out-of-touch with the younger generation
Adults are viewed as an intermittent advisor—someone to go to in times of need
Adults are viewed as mentors—someone to learn from in both good and bad times
Adults are viewed as trusted guides and lifelong learners--they both teach and learn from youth


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